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Once I discovered some amazing voodoo doll cookies, it was all over. I’m completely enthralled with the theme right now and decided to round-up some ideas to share. I found incredibly elaborate builds that will blow your mind, drinks, sweets, costumes and some simple props anyone with time and a glue gun could make. Let’s head on down to the bayou for a gander.

That Voodoo That You Do:

Let’s start with some simple accessories you can add if you’re just wanting a splash of black magic and not ready to commit to dead chickens and such.

H bling 2

This necklace is perfect if you’re looking for a simple voodoo doll look. Find it at Weirdly Cute.

H bling 11

These little miniature witch doctors/Baron Samedi earrings are precious! Find them at pennymichelle.

VooDoo mama!

VooDoo mama!

A voodoo priestess! Love this. Go visit the Chiki Bird Hat Studio.

voodoo 6

Another spin on a priestess. I really, really like this. This item was available on Etsy in Van Ora Blac’s shop, but somebody snatched it up.

Complete Costumes:

voodoo 11

This is awesome. I love all of the pins sticking out. It adds a more cartoon-ish or kid-friendly spin on the theme, because it’s based on the short story “Voodoo Girl” by Tim Burton. The photo came from The Princess and the Geek but didn’t give credit for where it came from.

voodoo 5

Is it just me or does she look like Stevie Nicks? Anyway, this is cool no matter who’s wearing it. The image is called Voodoo Doll Baby by Laura Dark. Check out her photography and impressive resume.

voodoo 3

I would wear this in a heartbeat. This Baron Samedi is by Lahmat Tea. I have to do this costume because the Baron is known for cursing, drinking rum and smoking cigars. I mean, I’m already the blonde, white girl version. I’ve even been known to wander around graveyards.


Full on creep factor going here. This would scare the crap out of some trick or treaters. This creation is by the very talented Russian artist Eleana NeriumOleander.

Props to Die For:

voodoo 7

You can’t have a voodoo theme without a voodoo doll!! I thought this one was particularly cute. You’d almost hate to stab it. This little beauty is by SugarCoffin (the name alone made me fall in love) and sold on eBay.

voodoo 8


Maybe you want your voodoo doll pickled, or maybe this is just a spa day to soothe his little body from a hard day of being abused. This is by Aleksandr Kuskov and found on Darque & Lovely

voodoo 9You have to hang some skulls around. Period. This is just one idea.



You have to have a witch doctor staff. Carry it or stick it in your yard. This was made with dollar store skulls and a bamboo stick. I couldn’t find a link.


voodoo 12

I love this one. It was created by The House of Marrow.

Brews and Nibbles:

voodoo 4

How can you not love a cake pop that comes with its own sword so you can stab it before you bite its head off?!?! The link for these took me to fromrosieskitchen.com but it said the domain had expired.

halloween cookies 9

The cookies that started my obsession. Buy them on Amazon.

voodoo 13

Almost too cool looking to drink. Almost. The link went to chinashopmag.com but it was broken, which pissed me off. I wanted to make these. Somebody figure it out and give me the info.

voodoo 2

I’ll take two and one designated driver to go, please. This Voodoo Witch Doctor was apparently from Squidoo but the link was broken. You can, however, find the recipe on my HALLOWEEN Pinterest board. (Feel free to follow the board if you want to get an even bigger fill of all this holiday greatness.)

voodoo 10

Eerie but won’t make kids cry. go to halloweeninspirationsideas.com.


voodoo 16If you have the time, talent and resources to build this, please invite me over. I can just imagine the reaction of the kids (and the HOA) if I built this in the yard. It would be worth the trouble. This was at Spookywoods Voodoo Bayou in North Carolina. It looks like one hell of a haunted experience.

voodoo 14

Go and look at the spooky splendor that is An Unorthodox Halloween. This is their fence!!! Those pumpkins!!! It looks very much like it could be an entrance into a voodoo lair.

There was lots of stuff out there, but this should give you some ideas to work with. If you incorporate voodoo into your theme, please send me photos. I’d love to share them.

Wicked wishes- Ash