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I already brought you a collection of black and white cookies that were to die for, but I couldn’t forget about the folks who want a little color. Here’s a collection of incredible and creative cookies to get your imagination and rolling pin turning.

halloween cookies 15

I don’t like eating candy corn but I still believe it’s a necessity for the holiday. These cookies are simple and charming. They’d be perfect for a party geared towards younger kids. Go check out Claire at The Simple, Sweet Life to find out how she made these and some other awesome stuff.

halloween cookies 4

These Witch’s Brew Butter Cookies are made using the same process as the candy corn ones. Head on over to The Lady Behind the Curtain to get the details.

halloween cookies 13

These iced beauties are by Sweetambs. I love the incorporation of Jack’s face on a pumpkin.

halloween cookies 11

I love the vintage look of these. These intricate masterpieces are the work of JPCreatibles.

halloween cookies 7

I adore the purple and black. These are beyond my patience level unless I get on some really good meds, but I can still pimp them to the masses. These were uploaded on the Cookie Connection by Mintlemonade. I tried to get more info but it required me to become a member and I already have enough crap filling my inbox. If you’re Mintlemonade–well done!

halloween cookies 8

I love the creativity put into these. They work for Halloween or a Wizard of Oz theme party. I also think I could pull these off. They were found over at Purple Chocolat Home.

halloween cookies 12These look a little tricky and time-consuming but would be worth it for the payoff. Check out Not Martha to learn all the tips and tricks to pull these off.

halloween cookies 9

I. Heart. These. I am truly in love with these and they’ve inspired a voodoo theme board that will be coming your way soon. The link took me to Fab where you can buy the cookie cutters used to make them. They are naturally out of stock. I won’t let that deter me. I think I can pull this off with my standard gingerbread man cutter. I’ll post the results and we can either be amazed at my talents or laugh heartily at my fail.

halloween cookies 6

These sugar and flour gems tied with the voodoo dolls for Most Wicked. I mean, how can you resist these classic bad boys? And a Hannibal Lector no-nibbling-on-noses mask!! Be still my morbid heart. Go bask in the glory of Sweet Petite right now!

And that’s all for this cookie edition. Stay tuned for the next installment as we’re now in September and moving closer and closer to the big day!

Wicked wishes- Ash