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CreePrettyCreePretty: Adj. 1. something or someone who possesses both creepy and pretty qualities. 2. a word created by Ash of Wckedwords to describe cool shit she likes.

On my last Makeup blog I looked for stuff that really pushed the envelope and delivered a “wow” factor by freaking your shit. This collection of makeup intrigued me, but on a different level. This makeup isn’t as in-your-face (that sounds like a really bad pun), but it made me stop and study it. Some immediately sparked stories in my head, and others just lingered with me. Some are just pretty, but the best ones draw a cold finger up your spine while you’re mesmerized by their beauty.

So, come along and see if any of these affect you the same way.

Just Pretty, Please:

These are rather simple. Nothing against the artists because they’re well done, but these makeups are for people who are just beginning to dip their toes in the black waters of Halloween. They work great for the girl who’s too scared to NOT look sexy on the holiday, or the person who has to work but still want to show some spirit.

pretty h18Can’t go wrong with orange and black. * No original source found.

pretty h7

Poison Ivy, mermaid, Creature from the Black Lagoon (sexy-fied), a really subtle She-Hulk, or maybe a gender-bending Green Lantern. The photo is by Johnathan C.

pretty h8

No doubt who this is–Harley Quinn. Check out all of KiKi’s work.

pretty h14

Ok, now we’re amping up the creativity. Look at that detail! Kiki Makeup is the bomb.

pretty h13

The color is close enough to blue that this could be used for a cool interpretation of Spiderman. The video tutorial on this is here.

pretty 15

Respect. Couldn’t find a source, but I suspect Kiki.

pretty h1

More crazy detailed work (but that little ball of yarn thing going on with the cat would bug the shit out of me). Yep, pretty much a blog about Kiki’s work up to this point.

A Little More Creep in My Pretty, Please:

These are still pretty but they start to tell a story and make you feel like you’re looking at something that lives just beyond the edges of reality.


pretty h21Smokey eyes are cool but something about these are haunting. I almost wish they hadn’t used any of the black liner. A frozen corpse, the White Witch, or…wait for it…a girly White Walker from GOT (enlist an adorable, chubby friend to be Samwell Tarly for you to chase around like a pork chop). This is by Coco Psyche.

pretty h2

Still more pretty than creep, but there’s potential here. Paler skin and little plastic spiders glued on interesting places could make this…well, wicked. Check out the info here.

pretty h20

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to this. The hair and outfit are way too tame, but that could be easily changed. The creator of this deleted the file on Listal.

pretty h3

The mix of the freakishly long lashes and the white contacts make this so much cooler than just some girl trying to be a sexy goth or vampire. The lashes look like spider legs and those eyes just make you uneasy. Me likey. This version of Blind Mag from Repo! The Genetic Opera was created by Monroe Misfit. Check out her stuff.

pretty h17

The feathers! There is so much you could do. A dark fairy, a raven, a black swan or even a spin on the Black Canary. The white lips help add the creep factor. This image is all over tumblr but I couldn’t find any original source.

pretty h10

A beautiful and delicate paint job. Make it a Death’s Head hawkmoth and you have a pretty cool Silence of the Lambs thing going on. No info on the artist but it was found here.

pretty h5The illusion is what provides the creep factor but it’s still beautiful. What would be even more beautiful would be watching drunk people at a party try to figure this out. Once again, no freaking source. (I’m trying to give credit, people, but they make it hard.)

pretty h11

I seriously love this. I’m pretty sure this photo was captured before the paint dripped everywhere. I wonder if you could create a more permanent effect that would stay on all night. Found on tumblr.

pretty h19

There’s just something about this. I could create a really cool story around it, maybe about some special type of Geisha who works in the underworld (steal that idea and I will hunt you down like a Sam Tarly pork chop). I pulled this off Wicked Halo (gotta dig the name) but they aren’t the original source.

pretty h6

It reminds me a bit of Jigsaw but I think that’s from the two red lines running down the side of the mouth. I love this makeup. I found it here but there was no other info given.

pretty h12

I’ve done the bride of Frankenstein a couple of times, but this makes me want to do it over with a more eerie feel to it than campy traditional. LOVE. *I found lots of places with this posted but not an original source. Let me know if you created it.

pretty 22h

Perfection. I would almost–almost try contacts to get this look. She looks like a nun and that would be a very cool concept. It would also make for a cool spin on Bram’s Lucy from Dracula. My wheels are turning. *This does include some photo manipulation done by Frankenkitty.

pretty h

The black looks like soot and then there’s the glistening blood. This is the ultimate meeting of high fashion and horror. No credit for this either but I truly do suspect that it came from some sort of runway show.

Well, there you have it. I hope you saw something that you, too, would describe as CreePretty.

Wicked wishes- Ash