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I love baking cakes, cupcakes and cookies. They allow me to be artistic and feed my large, slobbering sweet tooth. My thighs and Spanx hate me for this addiction, but pretty fondant wins out over stupid cellulite. I’ve even baked some pretty cool little cakes for somebody who has no training. Well, I thought I’d baked some pretty cool little cakes until I saw some of these. Now, my cakes look like a big steaming piles of werewolf poo in comparison.

And because I don’t like feeling inadequate alone, I decided to share some of these amazing confections baked by people who have obviously made deals with the devil (or trained really hard, but I’m going with the sold their soul deal to make myself feel better).

Cakes That Won’t Make Kids Cry (or pee themselves):

I tend to like spookier cakes, but I have kids. So, unless I want the youngest sleeping with me every freaking night, I have to watch what we put in the house. Here are some cakes that still have the “wow” thing going on but won’t ruin what little sex life parents might still be holding onto.


H cake 16

The texture on this hay is pretty damn cool. It was made for a four-year-old’s birthday. Wow. The kid won’t remember it, but the mom can shove these photos in his face when he’s older and say “Look at this cake I bled over for you, and you return the favor by stealing the car?!” This masterpiece was found on CakeCentral by tmalvey.

H cake 8

This one had me at purple….and spiders. Sweet Disposition Cakes made this piece of Halloween adorable.

H cake 6

I truly love vintage Halloween decorations. One of my prized possessions is a Halloween postcard from the early 1900’s. Jeannie G created this for her Man on the Moon party she posted on Catch My Party.

H cake 11

A witch’s cauldron! I love this idea and you don’t see it very often. It has some bones and an eyeball but shouldn’t freak any kids out (if it does, the kid’s a wussy). This was done by the folks at Cakebox Special Occasion cakes.

Tim Burton:

I could do an entire blog on just Tim Burton cakes (and I might just do that). These cakes are still kid friendly but also make the hordes of adult geeks very happy.

H cake 10


Frankenweenie!! You don’t see this one done often, so it makes for extra cool. This masterpiece is by Sara Guistizieri. Damn her for writing her blog in Italian, and damn me for being an American and too lazy to learn another language. Her work is brilliant. The photos speak for themselves, so go check her out.

H cake 5

There are a gazillion versions of TNBC cakes out there, but this one was really cool. Thank Alliance Bakery.

H cake 3

I should have featured a Corpse Bride cake, but I loved this one too much. It was featured on CakeWrecks in a…wait for it…Tim Burton tribute. Go check it out.

Other Not-Too-Creepy Cakes:

H cake 4

I know, if it has a raven on it I’ll post it. But, you have to admit, this is awesome! Annette at Queen of Sweets made this black and red beauty. I’m not surprised she has these skills, her bio says she went to the Pratt Institute (art folks know).

H cake 14

I HATE when I can’t find an original source for something. I have no idea who made this. The photo was featured on a couple of blogs but there wasn’t any info. The mosaic, the clock and the baby doll head make this pretty damn unique.

H cake 9

I adore this cake. It was very close to winning the Most Wicked Award. The depth in the design and the originality pull you into this little beauty. This is by My Sweet Cosette.

H cake 15

Death almost looks cute and happy sitting on top of this festive little number. This was baked by Sweet Honeybee Bakery and posted on CakeWrecks.

Dem Bones Dem Bones…

I don’t find skulls or bones creepy, unless you try to get me to eat off a bone. For some reason that freaks me the hell out. Seriously. DON’T hand me a chicken wing or rib!! But I’ll gladly stuff a piece of cake shaped like a femur down my throat.

H cake 17Isn’t this sweet. They just might be in love. I found this here, but they neglected to give any good info on the creator.

H cake 1

I wish red and black icing didn’t taste funky because this is awesome! I love Day of the Dead (even before everyone else did). This was done by The Bleeding Heart Bakery.

H cake 7This is such a great juxtaposition: life and death/flowers and skull. Wild Orchid Baking Company created it.

H cake 12

This cake shows what you can create if you have airbrush skills. I’d love to tell you who created it, but I can’t find the info. I’m trying really hard to give credit to those who do the work.

Edging Toward the Creep Zone:

There are plenty of gruesome cakes out there that look like disemboweled corpses and such (although nothing beats the gross-out factor of the vag cake with chocolate sprinkle pubes and a cake baby shooting out in a puddle of red Jell-o…yeah, I wish I was kidding). But I didn’t want to go there for this. I’m only hinting at creepy instead of sending people off to puke in their desk drawer.

H cake 13The pinky-colored flesh, the stitches and gaping flesh make me cringe and feel like I’m having another C-section (nobody made a cake of that for me–thank God!). This is great for a Frankenstein or zombie theme. It could even work for Leatherface (if he used good moisturizers on his flesh-mask). This skin-crawling cake is the creation of a UK lass named Gillian Bell.

H cake

Man, those Italians are crafty little cake makers. This is by Lucia and Santina Alfano. This was SOOOOO close to being my winner. I love the idea of the skull emerging from inside the cake. It’s a really cool effect and the red adds a nice pop of color. I wish they’d added another rose under the skull or more petals (but it’s not my creation, so I’ll shut up).

The Most Wicked Halloween Cake Award:

title (6)

H cake 2Believe it or not, the same lady who created that very first cake with hay bales and pumpkins also created this. It was a birthday cake for a boy turning 15 who was really into Stephen King. (I know I’m biased toward all things King, but, I swear, I didn’t read anything about the cake until I’d already picked the winner). Check tmalvey out if you didn’t bother after seeing her first cake.

And one more just because I love you (and I found it while looking up info on these other cakes)….

H cake 18

Who could resist this?!?! Classic bad guys wrapped in colorful, fun fondant. Another creation by that crafty Italian, Sara.

Hope you enjoyed. Wicked wishes- Ash