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I love make-up and am so glad that I have one child who will endure spirit gum, crepe hair and layers of thick make-up to achieve the desired look. Unfortunately, that child has chosen an elaborate costume this year that will require lots of fabricating but little make-up. But that doesn’t mean I can’t sift through tons of photos and dream.

I found lots of pretty make-up and lots of gruesome stuff. As I looked, I discovered that there was a third category: Freak Your Shit. Yep. You read right. I’m sure that description means something different for everybody, but for me it’s something that made me pause and say “Shit! That’s cool.”

Some are simple and some are complicated. Some I think I could replicate, and others I think would take a few tries for me to get close. Anywho, take a look at some of the designs that really stood out to me.

Black and White Badness:

MU creepy

I really like the cracked look with this. I imagine it can be recreated with black and white make-up, brushes, sponges, a steady hand, and patience. It was found on thelittleblackridinghood page on tumblr.

MU creepy 11

Similar but different enough to be recognized. I like the choice to bring the makeup down on the shoulders. I also think that it kind of looks like a blend between a skeleton and a scarecrow. This lovely creation is by Made U Look by Lex. Go check her out. She does tutorials and anti-bullying campaigning (right up my ally).

MU creepy 7


Ok, I’m totally cheating here. This isn’t make-up. It’s an art piece (most likely Photoshop) by Enzzo Barenna. I thought it would make a really cool make-up concept, but I won’t count it as one of the 20.

MU creepy 17

This thing truly freaks me out a little because it’s hard to look at. It makes me uncomfortable and that’s a pretty damn cool effect to achieve. We’re decorating the outside of our house like an evil circus/carnival this year–all black and white. This would be perfect. This work was done by Artsie-Fartsie.

MU creepy 15

I’m not sure this truly qualifies to the title, but I did stop and really look at it. The art work is beautiful and quite effective. The link to the source of this on Pinterest lead to a place to order chefs’ uniforms. Hmm…

MU creeepy 3

The shading on this is stunning. So well done. I wish I had info on the artist, but it was found on imgur.

MU creepy 5

This is freaking creepy as hell. The makeup and the photo are superb. I couldn’t find a damn bit of info about it. If you are the owner of this artistry, please let me know so I can spread your greatness to the masses (and please don’t sue me as I’m just a poor blogger and fan of your work 😉

MU creepy 9

It’s not truly black and white, but close enough for me. Simple and scary as hell. You know you’d pee yourself if this popped out of the dark. The real pisser–it’s photo-manipulation. Yep. I’m not knocking the artist for the work (check out pana-acida to see more). It’s my damn fault for not checking the details before I loaded it into my Canva piece at the top of the blog. I’m too damn lazy (and have 3 freaking kids to take care of) to go change it. So it stays. I do think with makeup and black-out contacts, you could create this.

 Is That Really JUST Make-up?!?

MU creepy 20


Look at that freaking wood grain! Seriously well done. And these damn puppets are just creepy as hell. The only info I can find on this is that it was done at the Marinello booth at the LA Makeup show back in 2012. The photo is by Adriana L (she may have done the makeup, too).

MU creepy 13

This low res costume freaks my shit because I can’t even look at it without getting dizzy (weird eye/brain thing I have going on). Becky Stern is responsible for this creation. You can look it all up on Makezine.com.


I always feel like somebody’s watching me… Oh, just be glad you couldn’t hear me sing it to you. This would just take a lot of make-up and patience, but is really a simple concept. Simple but effective.

MU creepy 19

I’ve been seeing a lot of the porcelain doll look, especially with cracks. This is a really good version by Xtianaland. Go check out her work.

MU creepy 18

I’ve seen plenty of skull makeup, but this is amazing. Being an artist who endured hours of anatomical studies in both art and biology/forensic classes, I really love this. The decision to make it look like an old medical sketch on aging parchment is just damn cool. Lisa Berczel, you are a badass!

MU creepy 3

This makes my lip itch just looking at it. This is a superb job of creating a 3D effect with just makeup. I found a photo with Halloweencostumes.com stamped on the bottom, but I can’t find a damn place on that site that has anything about this. If you know who the artist is, give me a shout so I can let y’all know.

MU creepy 2

A great piece that just requires a lot of lack makeup. You won’t be able to make the mouth look completely gone (that’s a little bit of computer magic being done with the photo) but it can still be cool. The pic was found on Reddit.

MU creepy 21This takes a little bit of the puppet look, combines it with the cracked doll, and throws some steampunk gears in for good measure. All of that equals love in my heart for this. I would love to do a wind-up steampunk doll costume and incorporate this makeup. This was featured on CrackTwo.com but didn’t give me any info.

Makeup and Some Extra Shit (for good measure):

MU creepy 16This is a cool effect achieved with mostly makeup. I’m pretty damn sure that I could recreate this. The teeth and lips are definitely some sort of prosthetic, but I’m betting they were homemade. The image was found here.

MU creepy 6


The contrast of the red and white makeup is beautiful, but the eyes make it. This is the work of Nelly Recchia. She claims that none of her images are using computer manipulation, so those eyes have to be contacts. My eyes water just watching people put contacts in, so I can’t try this one. *super frowny face*

MU creepy 12

This zombie takes her exfoliation a little too seriously. The effect definitely requires more than just makeup. The creator, Loraine C, does tutorials. Check her out.

MU creepy 10


When I was in first grade I was trying to carry a bunch of books and my newly sharpened pencil at the same time. I tripped. I still have a piece of graphite buried in my palm from that accident. This photo just makes me glad it was only my hand. I couldn’t find any info on the creator of this gore-licious makeup.

MU creepy 4

Ooo…melty skin. Pretty damn cool. Look closely and you’ll see the eyelashes sliding down her cheek. The credit was given to damienprojectfilmworks.com but the link was broken.

The Most Wicked Award: 

title (5)

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Here is the makeup design that most freaked my shit.


MU creepy 8

Holy crap!! This is just beyond words. If this doesn’t freak your shit, nothing will. This Swedish artist does a lot of glittery beauty makeup but then threw this out there. You have to go look at all of it. The details are s real they make you queasy. Sandra Holmbom, you are hands-down the most wicked in this category.

Well, that should give you plenty of images to lose sleep over. Until next time.

Wicked wishes-