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Snake-themed (1)


We love snakes in our house, so none of these would give us the heebie-jeebies. There are lots of folks who are scared of these little critters. I mean, Indiana was a bad mutha, but we know how he felt about snakes…

Indiana Jones snake

So, love ’em or hate ’em, they make a great Halloween theme. I rounded up a whole bed of ways to bring some slithering goodness to your holiday.

Greeting Your Victims Guests:

Start the theme at the entry of your house with some of these nifty ways to greet your unsuspecting company.

snake wreath 2A super easy wreath you can make with Dollar Store supplies. Check out Martha Stewart for the source of this creation.

snake wreath

Another wreath using more plastic snakes and some moss. Go to First Home Love Life for her details.

snake lawyer

While they’re busy looking at the wreath they might not notice what’s at their feet. You can laugh through the window when they finally look down and almost wet their little britches. (The “trick” part of trick-or-treating must not be ignored.) Go to Better Homes and Garden for more on this idea.

snake pumpkin

Before they even see the wreath or mat, you can dazzle them with some creative pumpkins to match the theme. I know that you’re shocked when I say these are by Martha Stewart (witchy sarcasm).

snake door

If you’re really fancy, you can run to Bologna, Italy and steal this doorknocker that darkhaus posted on Tumblr.

Inside Your Snake Pit:

Once inside the house, let the guests find these wiggling beasties in all sorts of places.

snake candles

Around your lights. (Found on tumblr.)

snake flowers

Inside your pretty flowers. Created by the folks at Martha Stewart.

snake display

Or hidden in a corner under some protective glass. I found this on pinterest. They found it on SneakHype, but it doesn’t give you any info about it.

snake spitting

This little sucker spits!!! Sounds like fun to me. Go check out The Frighteners for the DIY info.

snake print

Go to Crazy Halloween Ideas to check out this label. Print it and paste it to an old bottle full of colored water…or liquor.

Setting The Table:

Once your guests have made it to the table, you can’t let them down. Give them another dose of reptilian fun.

snake runnerA table runner made from more Dollar Store snakes. Go let Kara of Kara’s Party Ideas show you how she made this.

snake plate

Fabulous plates to serve up the grub. Go to Design Sponge to get the 411 on these little plates, napkin rings and place cards.

snake pitcure

A freaking amazing pitcher to pour your drinks. This art nouveau beauty was made in 1885.

snake wine

Some cheap wine tags that stick with the theme. Another Martha idea.

snake soup

Serve some tomato soup with some of these crafty bread sticks. Go to Delish for this and other spooky recipes.

Snake cake

And end it with a simple but beautiful cake. Go to Country Living for the template to make this cake.

A Scaly Hostess:

But you can’t be left out of this theme. Here are some ideas to keep you hissing.

snake makeup 1Pretty damn creepy if I do say so. This makeup is by Luci on Deviant Art.

snake makeup 2

Those eyes may be only makeup, but they still freak me out a little. Pinterest blocked me from going to this link, but credit goes to iHalloweenCostume. I’ll let you check it out on your own.

snake medusa

The coolest damn Medusa to ever turn anyone to stone. I can’t describe how amazing this costume is. You HAVE to go look at all of the details on Coolest Homemade Costumes.

I’m hoping this gave you some inspiration for adding some herps (short for herpetology, not a crotch disease) to your Halloween decorating. Until next time.

Wicked wishes-

Ash to ashes