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Halloween Bling (1)


Ooo….shiny. I love jewelry with a wicked factor. It’s a great way to show some Halloween spirit without wearing a full costume everywhere during the month. I admit that I wear mine outside of October as well. I searched around and found some sparkly goodness that made me smile. I hope you find something that makes you a wee bit giddy, too.

H bling 18

This necklace tickled my ribs when I saw it at Target. It jumped in my basket and went home with me.

H bling

You could easily wear this year round. Simple and cute. This is by Maureene Mae on Etsy.

H bling 8

I’m a sucker for ravens. This is also an Etsy find.

H bling 9

Bats! Need I say more. Go see The Pendant Emporium on Etsy for this and others.

H bling 7

It looks like it’s on fire. Love. Out of Space Jewelry also on Etsy.

H bling 10


Another creature of the night bauble. Etsy again!

H bling 4

Run to Etsy and check out Fable and Fury. Trust me.

H bling 5

Are you a REALLY fancy witch? Do you bedazzle your broom? Then this is for you. Sparkle web and spider. Magalo Designs on…wait for it…Etsy!

H bling 3

I truly love this and may have try making one. This can be bought through Pyramid Designs.

H bling 2

How can you not love this?? Sally or Frankenstein, both could wear it. Actually, I think a voodoo doll costume would also call for this. Weirdly Cute can hook you up.

H bling 17

I am a Dracula fan. I’ve read the book and was lucky enough to play Mina on stage in the Steven Dietz adaptation of Bram’s work. Hell, I almost named by third child Bram. There was no link to be found to give credit. If you know who made this, please let me know.

H bling 6

I love these. They look like they must be poison blossoms. Shy Siren on Etsy makes these delicate beauties.

H bling 11I love everything about these. I will be ordering some from Penny Michelle.

H bling 15

Wicked to the core. Unfortunately the link was forbidden. Makes it even a little darker, no?

H bling 12

I’ve experienced some crazy shit with a Ouija board and won’t touch one again, but this little version is very tempting. Kasket Kustoms on Etsy.

H bling 13

H bling 19This detailed piece is by Ann Demeulemeester and found on Fancy.com.

H bling 20

No link for this crazy bling. Love t! If you have info, send it my way.

H bling 16

If you are extra crazy, go for this. I think you’ll blend right in at…Walmart…in a bayou…during a witch doctor convention?

Now, let’s get down to the baddest of the bad in the category of Halloween Bling. It’s time for the Most Wicked Award!!!!

title (2)


And the winner is….

H bling 14


This impressive piece of statement bling by Butler and Wilson. It was sold on ebay but the link wouldn’t work. I love this and will try my best to find it or something like it at maybe Sam Moon here in the Big D.

Until next time. Wicked Wishes-

Ash to ashes (Halloween humor)