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canva hats

I’ve been known to wear Halloween-esque attire out in public around the holiday. Mostly it’s jewelry or crazy socks, but I’ve had my eye on some fun little hats and headbands for awhile. I’ve been plotting and planning on making some. I gathered up some inspiration and thought I’d share.


Nothing says Halloween like a witch hat. And let’s face it, bitches witches can party! These are some of my favorites.

Black as Night hat by English Rose Designs Oh

Black as Night hat by English Rose Designs Oh

This beauty was made by English Rose Designs Oh and sold on Etsy. This one has been snagged up by some lucky person, but she has others.

A hat offered on Etsy but it was sold, and I couldn't find the shop that produced it. That makes me a sad witch.

A hat offered on Etsy but it was sold, and I couldn’t find the shop that produced it. That makes me a sad witch.

DIY hat by Just A Girl.

DIY hat by Just A Girl.

That lovely hat up there was made by Just a Girl as a guest post on Tidy Mom. Confused? Yeah, it happens in the bloggersphere. We’re all just trying to help each other out. Go check out this link if you want to see how she made it.

Another Etsy find made by JojosBootique.

Another Etsy find made by JojosBootique.

This is flipping adorable. The only down side is that it’s a decoration to be worn by the mantel and not your head. Maybe you’re not freaky enough to wear it in public and that will work great for you. If so, head to JojosBootique now and snatch this up before it’s gone. If not, use it for inspiration to make your own.


VooDoo mama!

VooDoo mama!

I love the mix of Victorian and voodoo. I could create an entire costume based on those two themes (evil brain is turning). This tiny topper was made by ChikiBird over at Etsy. I love the details she put into it. Go give her a look while you’re not poking at that voodoo doll you made of your ex.

halloween hat 8

BE still my beating brain heart!! I freaking love this. My steampunk love is pulling me toward this awesome little number. What mad scientist wouldn’t pair this with her lab corset? Go over to SheenasBellaBows and grab this before I do. She even made the brain by hand!!

A cepholopod hat by Apatico.

A cephalopod hat by Apatico.

I have a thing for octopi. And a thing for Ursula. But I’m not into that tentacle fetish. Yeah, it exists. It freaked me out, too. Anyway, this amazing hat was featured on a blog dedicated to shells (another thing I’m into–and I know I have a problem), Del’s Shells. But the hat was made by Apatico. They make lots of cool things.


Creepy cuteness for all ages.

Creepy cuteness for all ages.

Ok, it does remind me of a Halloween themed Yarmulke, but that’s probably just my warped sense of humor. I think it’s adorable and you should go check out how they made it over at El hada de papel.

Does she have some bats in the bellfry or does she just love halloween?

Does she have some bats in the belfry or does she just love Halloween?

Flamingo Toes (I love her for the name alone) made this wonderful headband and gives you all the directions. Go check out the guest blog she did for Andrea’s Notebook.

I may be a little bit in love with this.

I may be a little bit in love with this.

This gorgeous creation was put together by Zairia and showcased on her Deviant Art page. Ethereal, ghostly and inspiring.

Now, for something new. I’ve decided to start a tradition of awarding one of the inspiration pieces I find with an award. I figured it was a way to let them know that at least one little, slightly disturbed blogger thought their work was WICKED! So introducing the Wicked Award!

Wicked Award

And the winner is….


Death Becomes Her fascinator.

Death Becomes Her fascinator.

Yep, it was hard to choose between this, the spider and the brain hat, but it’s the winner. Go immediately to talulabelles on Etsy and check her stuff out. I can’t wait to see what it helps to inspire me to create.

Until next time. Wicked Wishes-