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candy apples

Ok, who doesn’t like candy apples? And all you dentists and dieticians can show yourself out right now. This is for those who realize that the month of October is meant for sticky, gooey yumminess. Besides, there’s a piece of fruit in the center of this gloriously wicked concoction, so it can’t be that bad. Seriously, somebody please remove that Weight Watchers rep making all the noise in the back of the room.

I included on my Hallo-Wicked-Ween bucket list “Make candy apples.” I could do what I usually do and pop open a bucket of caramel dip and cut up an apple, but I decided to go all out this year. I searched all over the cyber-verse to find some inspiration. Maybe some of these will inspire you, too. In October I’ll post what I end up making, but until then…amble through this orchard for some Wicked inspiration.

Bloody Candy Apples by Jasmin Fine at 1 Fine Cookie.

candy apple 1

Bloody Candy Apples (photo by Jasmin Fine copyright 2011)

These are bloody gorgeous. Jasmin over at 1 Fine Cookie knows what she’s doing in the apple department. The fact that she also takes time to compare Halloween and True Blood makes me like her even more. I strongly encourage you to go look at this recipe and the Eric Northman photo she snuck in there. It’s a great blog that is incredibly well done and has lots of followers.

***She also includes very specific instructions for bloggers who want to share her stuff. Some may think that comes off bitchy–it’s NOT! Writers, bloggers and artists work very hard to produce their work. I’ve been plagiarized and my work has been pirated. Please respect those artists willing to share their work. We love enthusiasm and the fact that you want to share, but a girl’s got to eat (more than just the cookies and stuff we make for our blogs).

Black-as-Night Caramel Apples

Black-as-Night Caramel Apples by Chef Louise Mellor

Black-as-Night Caramel Apples by Chef Louise Mellor

I have no idea what these would taste like, but they look bad ass. Head on over to evite to get the goods on this recipe provided by Chef Louise Mellor.

Ghostly Coconut-Covered Apples

Ghostly Coconut-Covered Apples (photo by Matt Armendariz)

Ghostly Coconut-Covered Apples (photo by Matt Armendariz)

If dark isn’t your thing or theme, go on over to Country Living for this more anemic looking candy apple. These look really cool and if you’re going with a black and white theme (think The Night Circus), then combine these with the ones before it.

Candy Apple Jack-o-lanterns

Candy Apple Jack-o-lanterns by Betty Crocker © 2014 ®/TM General Mills All Rights Reserved

Candy Apple Jack-o-lanterns by Betty Crocker © 2014 ®/TM General Mills All Rights Reserved

For a more cutesy, kid-friendly apple, head over to Betty Crocker to get the goods on these. They look perfect for those who enjoy the details. For those with less patience, keep on going.

Spooky Spider Caramel Apple by Amy’s Gourmet Apples

Spooky Spider by Amy's Gourmet Apples

Spooky Spider by Amy’s Gourmet Apples

I know, what you’re thinking. I told you to keep on going if you wanted a simple apple and then I spring this on you. Don’t worry, this is simple because…it’s already made for you!! That’s right. Go over to Amy’s Gourmet Apples and just order this bad boy. Unless you sprain a finger clicking the “buy it now” icon, it doesn’t get any easier. Check out the other incredible apples she makes while you’re there. Damn, I’m getting hungry.

Snow White’s Poison Candy Apple

Snow White Poison Candy Apple from Disney Food Blog

Snow White Poison Candy Apple from Disney Food Blog

How freakin’ cool are these?! This photo was provided by the Disney Food Blog. It looks like they cover everything food related at the Disney parks. Unfortunately, there isn’t a recipe for these. Fortunately, I’ve already figured out how to make them. I’ll be posting my results in October.

Poison Toffee Apples by Simply Delicious

Poison Toffee Apples by Alida Ryder at Simply Delicious

Poison Toffee Apples by Alida Ryder at Simply Delicious

These are wicked! It takes a lot for me to use that phrase on them, but they are. Toffee and black combined make me a happy girl. I will be giving these a try during my apple-paloza I’m planning for in October. If you want the goods on how to make these, head over to the beautiful blog Simply Delicious.


Photo by Matt Armendariz

Photo by Matt Armendariz

Ok, their not really a Harry Potter themed apple (but they would work great for that), but I had to give them that name because I couldn’t find much about them. The link sent me to Matt Armendariz’s web page but I couldn’t find any info about the apples. I’m trying to give all the proper credit I can, but sometimes that’s hard. I’m not sure if he just photographed them or made them as well, but they are amazing (and look at that staging). I can say that the sticks make this. My mom would have never let us use sticks because she couldn’t sterilize them, but I think a washed stick will work just fine while building an immune system. Right?

I hope you enjoyed this tour of creative candy apples. Let me know if you try any of them out or find another one you think is worthy of this Hallo-wicked-ween list. Happy hauntings!

And wicked wishes-


*** I didn’t take any of these photos and tried to give credit where possible. I did write everything and made that cute little Canva montage at the top. Hopefully you’ll check out the people I’m promoting. It feels good to help other people out. But I hope you’ll poke around in my blog, too. You might find something you like.