Win the give-away and let Curtis spice up your boring lovelife.

Yeah, I know the holiday is over but I had to spend the 17th celebrating my Irish heritage the traditional way by guzzling Guinness and getting into fights. Ok, it didn’t actually go down like that, but it sounds more interesting than buying my husband Guinness and spending my day writing and eating 15 bean soup. I know, wild life of an author.

Lepre-Cooper-chaun Don't ask.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, I’ve had people tell me that they’re interested in reading Puddin’ in their book clubs, so I’ve decided to do a St. Paddy’s Day Puddin’ Special! Yep, for one week and one week only, Fifty Shades of Puddin’ will be a buck–99 pennies, y’all. That’s less than a Slim jim, a Mountain Dew, or a McRib. 170+ pages of the slightly disturbing but hilarious antics of my two favorite redneck lovers, Ambrosia Wood and Curtis Brown.

To make this deal even sweeter than Twinkies (rest in peace), I’m doing a give-away (that means free crap to those of you who might be a little slow due to non-forking family trees). What is this prize? Well, after learning that adult novelty shops were selling Shades of Grey love kits (I mean, that’s what I heard. It’s not like I actually saw them or anything…), Curtis decided that, being the entrepreneur he is, he had to get a piece of the pie and has developed his own love kit– The Curtis Brown Package of Thunderdome Lovin’. How can you win this box of Curtis-approved boot-knockin’ accessories? That’s easier than a drunk girl on prom night! Just share this post on facebook. Each person who shares it will get their name thrown in the cap. If you share it AND you bought the book, your name goes in twice (no cheating, I have digital spies to check that out). If you share it, bought the book, AND you left a review, (after being crowned a saint) your name goes in THREE times. At the end of the week I’ll have a highly skilled assistant (my four-year-old) pull a name out (while I pray that it’s a winner who lives in the U.S. so I’m not spending 5x more than my profit on postage).

How do you buy the book? Easy. Click one of the following: Amazon (for your Kindle),Barnes & Noble (for your Nook), Kobo, and Smashwords (for everything else).

What could possibly be in Curtis's hand-selected and wrapped love kit? Enter to find out.

What could possibly be in Curtis’s hand-selected and wrapped love kit? Enter to find out.

So, be a friend and a supporter of independent artists by passing this along. You could be the winner of the ultimate Puddin’ souvenir.

Wicked wishes-  Ash

** Not responsible for any emotional, physical or psychological trauma caused by use of The Curtis Brown Package of Thunderdome Lovin’

** If You just have to know the full story behind Lepre-Cooper-chaun go here.