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This is our Bearded Dragon, Rose. She has absolutely nothing to do with this post other than the fact that she looks drugged and half asleep and that makes for a pretty good representation of how I've looked this past week. Think of her as my stand-in.

Ok, I’ve done this once before; posted a brief little update to let you know I’m alive despite my abscence (Ok, I’m listening for that collective sigh of relief…*chirp chirp*…Well, at least the damn crickets missed me). Anyway, here are the goods:

I had surgery during the tornado attacks (story to follow soon). I am healing well and trying the best I can to type with the limited use of one arm (quite entertaining to watch if you’re really bored). But I have good news in the writing department; I was invited to write an installment for the Tales From the Archives series put out by the award winning duo of Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, authors of the steampunk masterpiece “Pheonix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel “. I happily accepted and they have happily accepted my pitch! (*jumps, squeals, dances–Ouch!! Damn surgery.) So, I’m feverishly trying to finish my first draft between med doses and naps.

My other news in the writing world is that I will be portraying the character Cambria Sims for the cover of “Outer Heaven” from the Gunship series by John M. Davis. Actully, that’s probably not writing news for me as it only requires me wearing tight clothes and a blue wig for a camera. Screw it– I’m counting it.

As for the blog, I have some funny stuff being edited for posting here on good old Wckedwords, but until then, I’d really like you to give my new blog a read. I think the post is a good one and important. It’s my response to another blogger’s post about children having babies.


Also, it’s brand new, so please feel free to click the “like” button, comment and above all- subscribe!!

More is coming this week as soon as I have a finished first draft of my Archives piece (it is the rule I have placed on myself). If you can’t wait (I can hear your eyes rolling) you can always read the blog I wrote last year about my much more extensive surgery. It is goofy and offensive to many https://wckedwords.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/manic-monday

So, until then-

Wicked Wishes