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Well, after much reflection, soul-searching, and an amazing blogging class, I realized the issues of my blog. I don’t blog. I know you’re shocked by that revelation considering I haven’t blogged since October. What I finally realized is that I have so much trouble trying to find a relevant subject for the “wckedwords brand” that I freeze up and just don’t write anything.

I love the material I write in my fiction: Steampunk, paranormal, horror, fantasy, et… They all have dark, mysterious qualities and that is what I love to read and love to write. But in my real life, outside of an office full of glittered skulls, owls, and day of the dead masks, I’m not a dark person. I’m that person who wants to push people towards the light. Even my darkest books have some deep underlying themes of love and other Pollyanna ideals. Not a great branding tool for selling my books.

So here is my decision. Wckedwords will stay in place for me to write all my dark stories and talk about the things that intrigue me in the industry. This is where the darker parts of Ash can create and dance naked under a blood moon (don’t run away screaming, I promise that’s a metaphor). Here I can embrace my quirky geek that loves to dress in corsets and run amuck at conventions.

Now that the Ash that often colors her hair purple and likes playing in stage blood a little too much has a safe, padded, heavily guarded place to live, I have created another place for the other part of me. It’s a place were the once-model-now-toilet-scrubbing-mom-of-3-slightly-evolved-male-primates can ramble, rant, and rave as she tries to navigate her world with only  a bucket of humor and a flask of rum as her safety lines. It’s a place for me to be funny and I’m pretty damn funny (ask my friends–but only the ones I bribed). This new blog is where I will talk about parenting and even the frustrations of an ADHD person trying to do something as simple as pack a suitcase. On the new blog it will be safe for me to be sentimental about my sons making me a gift or laugh about finding a bunch of coins in a dirty diaper (yeah, it happened) without making the guys looking for some hardcore horror puke.

So to all of you interested, give the new blog a look. Since you already follow this blog, I am asking (read as pleading) for you to follow the new one. If you enjoyed my blog about bullying “Cowardly Lions” or my inspirational blog “Hypocrite’s Advice”, I really think you’ll like the new one. It’s another look at how autism changes your everyday life. So be a chum, share a laugh, give www.ashrobbins.wordpress.com a read and pass it on.

Thanks and wicked wishes–