I don’t need a calendar to know when October has reached my door. She announces herself softly, giving subtle clues of her arrival. She travels in on gentle breezes that slowly cool the air and seemingly the soul as well. Her colors are showcased first on the wings of the monarchs as they flutter through, allowing us to enjoy their grace for a moment before they continue their journey. The same colors are reflected in pots of chrysanthemums and marigolds, warm and sweet like honey laced with spices. They entice thoughts of baking and simmering slow-cooked foods on a lazy Sunday, filling the house with the smells that make me think of my grandmother.

October is by far my favorite month, not only because of the shift in weather and the excuse to bake pies, but because it is punctuated by the most fantastic holiday of the year. Halloween!! I imagine that the fact that I’m both a writer and an actress has something to do with my extreme love of the holiday, so I’m embracing that concept  and making it part of my blog this month.

During the glorious month of October I’m going to rotate between those two aspects of my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to have been cast as Lady Macbeth in a production that will open Halloween weekend. Due to the suggestion of a fellow author and thespian, Tee Morris, I decided to chronicle my road from casting to opening night; let some outsiders peek into the process of becoming a character and all the crazy things I do to get there. It’s always been a very personal process for me and every actor is different, so you may find it interesting or simply reason to unfriend me on facebook or cross me off the chaperone list for the school.

When not writing about my journey with Lady M, I’ll be touching on all things Halloween: costumes, traditions, recipes, ghost stories, haunted houses and some original stories that fall into the darker categories. I’d love to find a brave soul who would possibly review local haunted houses for me (any takers?). If you have a suggestion or a request, let me know!!! I would love to have more feedback. I promise, I won’t bite (I don’t care what that police report says), and would welcome some conversation.

Well, I’m off to start unpacking my boxes upon boxes of Halloween goodies!!! Hope your October has started off well.

Wicked wishes- Ash