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Yeah, yeah…I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but let’s not dwell on details. Instead, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to that has kept me away from my blog. To start, there’s this whole writing thing I’m still making a go of. There have been some really good developments and some not so good ones (depending on how you look at it). I have learned to ALWAYS trust your deepest gut instinct. Trust yourself as an artist.

To lick some of my writer wounds and to just rekindle my artistic passions, I auditioned for The Denton Community Theatre’s production of The Scottish Play (look away all superstitious theatre folk as I am about to type the real title for the non-theatre folk…Macbeth). The moment I stepped back on the boards to audition, I felt amazing!! I’d forgotten how much I like the competition aspect of auditions. Anyway, I must have done well, as I am playing Lady Macbeth at the end of October/beginning of November. I invite you all to come see it. It’s what I’m referring to as the HBO version, as all the political fluff written in by Shakespeare to appease King James (Yes, the same King James that commissioned the bible) has been cut and the action, horror, and gore has been enhanced. Good times!!!

In my writer’s world, the biggest news is the release of my collection of short stories this winter. BONE KISSES is compiled of four short stories entwined in the vines of love and death. Each story pulls from a different genre, giving the readers a peek into the spectrum that my writing follows. ETERNAL: the fictionalized retelling of a true story that follows how one’s love for another can transcend all complications. SOUL: a high fantasy story of a girl trapped between her duty to her people and the person she loves. ..Oh, and a pissed-off mother dragon. POP: a dark comedy  that follows a onetime “Cupid” that stumbles into a job he’s much more gifted at. Finally, HUNGER: a great little excuse to write some good old fashioned horror that blushes with young lust and the trouble that can cause.

So, to keep myself moving along and getting this book closer to leaving the nest, I’m posting the first couple of pages from HUNGER tomorrow (I’d do it today but wordpress is giving me fits by reformatting everything for no apparent reason *insert profuse cursing*). Anyway, give it a whirl and keep your eyes open for more news to come.

Wicked wishes- Ash

OH!! I almost forgot!! The really cool picture was taken by my lovely friend Dan Leffel and the makeup is by the amazing Sharon Hodges. My co-star is Mr. Bonejangles, a resident of the DCT copier room. Check out my friends’ other works http://www.boldlightphoto.com/ and http://www.enchantedbodys.com/