And in an instant, everything changed. I had planned on writing some clever little piece on the life of a writer/housewife that followed the mundane to maddening things I deal with every day. That changed when I read a news link posted a friend on her facebook. It was like a branding iron searing into my heart, brain and soul. Laundry didn’t matter anymore. Gluten free diets didn’t matter. Loosing weight, fighting wrinkles, the price of groceries, the dust bunnies in the corner, book deals—NOTHING mattered after that article. Even Casey Anthony became less of a monster.
    The article is graphic only because the truth is graphic and horrifying. The fact that people are capable of doing these things to a baby are beyond the normal person’s comprehension. The fact that it was only reported in a UK news source is unforgivable. The monsters that committed this crime are still at large. The women that sold the toddler to them are only charged with neglect. I spent the last hour emailing the news link to every news source I could think of. I beg you do the same.
    I have posted the link below. I will be honest by saying that I threw up and cried uncontrollably after reading it and want to make sure you understand that. I can’t look at my own three-year-old son without crying. He is a BABY. He cries over skinned knees, so I cannot imagine what this child went through. When did he stop crying? Death would have been kinder.
    You do not have to read the story (I promise it will leave you changed), but please paste it into emails to news sources. These men—VAMPIRES—have to be caught and caged. After contacting a news source, contact a local agency that helps abused children. I’m making a large donation today to our local organization. If I knew how to help the little boy directly I would. Please send this on, no matter how sick it makes you. We have to let the public know what happened. We have to show this little boy is at least important to strangers since he was nothing to his mother.