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    As the title implies, this will be short. I just wanted to drop a line to let the readers know what’s going on with the blog. Before my last couple of posts I had put myself on a schedule of posting three times a week but after my first Wcked Wednesday post I suddenly stopped. I know you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering if I was eaten by zombies or jailed by child protective services, but alas, I’m fine.
    I chose not to post because my piece on autism, Cowardly Lions, received more attention than I was expecting. About 400 people viewed it directly on my blog that I could track and it continues to be passed along. Because it was getting attention I chose to not post anything else until it died down. I know the link was posted in a minister’s news letter, sent to Autism Speaks, sent to an autism school, and is going to be used as the opening at a therapeutic conference. Thanks to those who sent it on. Myself and anyone affected by autism and/or bullying appreciates it. (If you are on this blog just to read the autism post– scroll down 😉
    I will be back to posting now but it may remain sporadic as I am preparing a collection of short stories that will be published through Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc… in September. The title is Bone Kisses and I’ll give your more information soon. I should also have an update on my “big” novel, Turquoise, by the end of the month. Now I’m off to write, parent, and try to loose 10 pounds before my class reunion in July. Ah, vanity, how you torment me.

Wicked Wishes-