Not my favorite phrase nor my favorite subject, but it seems to be popping up in my head a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to potty train a very stubborn two-year- old. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to housebreak a dog that is either mentally challenged or completely conniving. Or maybe it’s because I spent five days in the hospital where I was grilled by nurses every few hours about my intestinal activities  as they read my vitals and doled out magic pills.
     But I guess the reason behind the phrase isn’t important, just the message. I have to get myself going again full steam on this whole crazy writing thing I’ve got going. The first novel is finished, revised, and back with the agent. After hitting the send button I continued forward by attending a conference, meeting my agent face to face, mingling with some big name authors, agents and editors. I pitched 5 more books I’ve got swimming around in varying degrees of completion and it went well. I even met with a publicist and began a marketing plan. All of that sounds fantastic, and believe me it is, but now I have to actually do the work and that means writing.
     I have to focus on the two new projects that were requested by agents and I have to do the one thing emphasized over and over to me as being an important—career making—move…build my blog. I have to stop sitting and actually do something (hmm…maybe my little saying wasn’t such a good choice considering it implies that my blog is a potty and my writing would be…well, you get it). Anyway, the point is I’m getting off the potty, putting my big girl panties on, rolling up my sleeves, and getting to work.
The Plan

     The lovely Marika Flatt of PR by the Book told me that I need to be blogging three times a week and I have to start tailoring the blog towards my audience. After I restarted my heart I decided that I can do this. I just have to make a plan and make some changes. First, I have to make time and stop being a perfectionist (stop laughing; I know my poor punctuation doesn’t allude to my being a perfectionist). Second, I have to find a way to make the blog appealing to the young adults who will be buying my books. To make all this happen I’ve developed a schedule for posts:
   Manic Monday– The first day of the work week is crazy for all of us, including me. So Monday’s posts will reflect that. I may write something thought provoking or rant about something ridiculous or divulge my favorite cupcake recipes or whatever other insane shit I can come up with. Just be aware that it will be, well—manic.
  Wcked Wednesdays– These will be reserved for my more serious stuff. Things I truly feel passionate about. Things that make me a writer, an artist, an actress, a mother, a wife, and a human.
   Flash Fiction Friday– This is the day I’m gearing towards the young folks I’m supposed to be attracting. This is the day I will post original works. You might get a poem I wrote when I was eight, or a short story, or possibly a chapter of one of my larger works. I’m even contemplating a story that will be given in weekly installments.

So that’s it people, I’m off the pot, but feel free to stay on yours…as long as you’re reading my blog while you’re there 🙂