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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve bitten the bullet and done what I’ve been fighting against for a couple of months—I’ve started a blog.

It probably doesn’t seem like much, and probably isn’t. I’ve seen it a hundred places that agents and publishers recommend writers have one of these, so I’m not sure why I was so resistant. A few of my writer chums jumped right in and are doing well with it, but I chose to dig my heels in. I can be stubborn; a trait passed on to me by my beloved grandmother (her nickname is “Donkey” if that gives you a clue).

But here I am, taking my leap of faith and offering myself up to the wolves. I’m sending this out so that my agent can see that I’m developing a following and that will help her sell my books to publishers (a really good thing). My request as a friend is that you sign up as a subscriber to boost my numbers. I can promise you that I’m a busy girl that spends most of her time working on her actual novel, so blog posts will be rare and you won’t be bombarded with them in your inbox. So throw me a bone by signing up and I’ll buy you a drink the next time our barstools are neighbors.

Now, I can’t tell you what I’ll be writing about other than what inspires me in the moment, but I can warn you that I can be blunt and my language is rarely less than a PG-13 rating. Someone once told me that I looked like a pageant queen and talked like a sailor. I was a little insulted. I mean, a pageant queen? Really? My other warning is that a punctuation guru, I am not. That is why God created editors and why I hire them. So don’t get caught up in my flagrant misuse of semicolons, or this blog will just give you a migraine.

You’ve noticed by now (unless you are as ADD as I am) that the name of the blog is Wckedwords. Let me explain a couple of things here. I am aware of the missing “I”, it was intentional. I was recently surprised with a black, bad-ass Jeep as a Christmas present. I decided I wanted a vanity plate so that I wouldn’t be overshadowed by my husband’s black, bad-ass Harley with the moniker NGTMRE on his plate. So after several attempts to condense “Move the @#$% out of my way” into five letters, I settled for WCKED. This is actually the name of a horse in my book, Turquoise.

So be clear that I’m not using the word to promote this blog or myself as a dark, sinister person that’s brooding with morose verse. I’m using the word in the sense of describing something as “awesome” and “amazing” (like those youngsters do). I’m doing this because words are “wicked” in that sense. Words can do so many things. They can bring change to people and the world in general; and I am blessed to be in a profession that allows me to use them as my medium.

My hope in all of this is that words I write will inspire someone in some way to just do something in their life—something “wicked.”

Wcked wishes-

Ash Robbins